Simple and Robust

fast, light and creative Windows and Web applications

Note Manager

Manage notes, journals, passwords, etc

Calendar Manager

Manage calendar events and ToDos

Folder Manager

Navigate folders quickly, working with Windows Explorer

Vocabulary in Context

A Highly Effective Way to Learn Vocabulary

Vocabulary in Context is a very efficient way to increase vocabulary whether you learn a foreign language or improve your native language. When you encounter a new vocabulary, it is more effective when you associate the word with its context. That will leave a vivid mark on your memory and last much longer.

Simple and easy

No unnecessary complexity; no bells or whistles. User interface is so intuitive; things behave just as you would expect them to do.

Fast and portable

Applications are light, so they load and respond instantly. Run it from flash drive. No need for installation.

Creatively Secure

Protect data at the file or category level. Ensure the privacy of your sensitive information. By using creative stealth scheme personal data can be effectively hidden without pronouncing the very existence of protection.