SimBust Calendar Manager

SimBust Calendar Manager is a simple yet, robust application that allows you to quickly add, edit, view, and organize calendar events and Things-To-Do items. It has four panes for category, To-Do list, calendar events, and content details, all just one quick away. Data can be protected at the file level and even hidden at the category level for more discreet types of data.

"Hide" Sensitive Data with Stealth Key

Our innovative Stealth Key technology enables you to keep sensitive information from prying eyes. In addition to standard password protection, Stealth Key makes your protected events and To-Dos invisible by displaying everything except those categories (and their events/To-Dos) that have been assigned to Stealth Key.

Other Unique features

Calendar Manager is designed for quick access to important data. Therefore, we have conveniently placed your To-Do list and events all in one screen, so you don't have to flip back and forth to see everything.

You can organize your calendar events and To-Do items with folders (categories) and control visibility on a folder-by-folder basis. This eliminates having frequently recurring events constantly cluttering up your screen.

We have found that most people do not want or need to manage their schedule down to an hour by hour basis. On the contrary, they want to manage in big picture. Therefore, instead of day and week view, we offer a year view showing you all events and To-Do items across 6 - 12 months in a single screen.

The Calendar Manager application also provides support for every conceivable recurrence type. For instance, you can use "x days/weeks/months after the last done" recurrence type. This is highly appropriate for To-Dos such as "dental cleanings", "oil changes", or "file backups" that don't necessarily occur according to regular time intervals.

The application also includes a toggle feature to expand or collapse all To-Do items that belong to a selected folder and its subfolders.

Comprehensive feature list

  • Four-pane layout featuring folders, events, To-Dos, and corresponding details
  • Each of the four panes can be displayed in different fonts
  • Toggle entire-branch view to simultaneously expand or collapse all files that belong to a selected folder and its subfolders
  • Files can be password protected
  • Stealth folder key protects private data from being seen by unauthorized users
  • Automatically hide private data after preset idle time
  • Opt to display or hide protected data with a single keystroke
  • Ability to assign shortcut to easily open "favorite" file
  • Events can be shown in month, year, or list view
  • Navigation bar allows for quick view change to past or future months
  • Flexible alarm setting and snooze feature for event and task reminders
  • Various types of recurrence rules
  • Cut and paste data from other applications or web pages
  • Supported OS: Windows 10, 7, and XP

Calendar Manager Screen Shots