SimBust Note Manager

SimBust Note Manager is a simple yet robust personal information manager (PIM) application that allows you to easily edit, view, and organize your personal notes, memos, thoughts, passwords, ideas, diaries, journals and so on. Rich in functionality and content display, Note Manager features an intuitive, resizable tri-pane layout which is very similar in look and feel to Windows Explorer. Data can be protected at the file level and even hidden at the category level, for more discreet types of data.

"Hide" Sensitive Data with Stealth Key

Our innovative Stealth Key technology enables you to keep sensitive information from prying eyes. In addition to standard password protection, Stealth Key makes your protected notes invisible by displaying everything except those categories (and their notes) that have been assigned to Stealth Key.

Other Unique features

Note Manager is so easy to navigate that you can go to any "favorite" files or notes with just two key strokes, similar to a bookmark on your web browser. You also have the ability to "Go forward", "Go backward", or view "history".

The application's custom fields and filters enable you to process and view notes in a mini database-like fashion. For example, you can very easily use the product's compound filter to list "only those notes created after 12-25-2007 and containing the word 'contract'".

You can easily add multiple attachments to any note and run them, whether they are local files or Internet bookmarks. For instance, you can add multiple text, html, graphic files and Internet links.

The application also includes a toggle feature to expand or collapse all notes that belong to a selected folder and its subfolders.

Comprehensive feature list

  • Windows Explorer-like three-pane, drag-able layout, with the third viewing area for editing/seeing the content of a selected note
  • Each of the three panes can be displayed in different fonts
  • Two types of search capability
  • Files can be password protected
  • Stealth folder key protects private data by making it invisible to unauthorized users
  • Opt to display or hide protected data with a single keystroke
  • Automatically hide private data after preset idle time
  • Up to four user-defined fields with varying types, including pick list, string, number or date
  • Up to nine simple filters definable by the user to hone in on specific data
  • Up to four compound filters for extreme ease of use even for the non-programmer
  • Ability to assign shortcuts to easily open "favorite" file or notes
  • Ability to run external program from within the application
  • Explorer-like file navigation including "Go to backward", "Go to forward" and "history"
  • Export to/Import from text files and Internet Explorer Favorites bookmarks
  • Individual notes can feature URL or shortcut attachments
  • Cut and paste data from other applications or web pages
  • Supported OS: Windows 10, 7, and XP

Note Manager Screen Shots