MonAmi - Bookmarks, Text clips, Scheduled browsing...

MonAmi provides several handy functionalities when you browse.

You can:

  • save bookmarks in the cloud, accessible by multiple machines/browsers
  • save visited pages automatically, similar to browser's history, but with more control
  • save selected text as a text clip, and optionally put it on spaced repetition plan for effective memorization
  • mark open tab as "Read Later" and close it to declutter the browser
  • setup scheduled browsing, so that web pages open automatically at specified interval
  • launch a search query on selected text for multiple web sites
  • use search page to find bookmarks quickly
All data are stored in the cloud. You can access the same synchronized data from any machine or browser.

Install browser extension

You can use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge extension.

Install Chrome Extension Install Firefox Add-on Install Edge Extension

MonAmi is consisted of two components: browser extension and dashboard app.

  • You use MonAmi extension to mostly save data, like bookmarks or text clips.
  • You use MonAmi dashboard app to manage and consume saved data.

For example, you will add bookmarks using extension and you can view, edit, and delete them using dashboard app.