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A Highly Effective Way to Learn Vocabulary

Vocabulary in Context is a very efficient way to increase vocabulary whether you learn a foreign language or improve your native language.

When you encounter a new vocabulary, it is more effective when you associate the word with its context. That will leave a vivid mark on your memory and last much longer.

How does it work?

  1. Install Vocabulary in Context FireFox or Chrome extension and sign up
  2. Save words you wish to learn as you read news or articles on Internet in desktop FireFox or Chrome browser
  3. Review and memorize repeatedly saved vocabularies with browser or Android app

To sign up, you just need to enter your email address

No other information is needed.

Mobile app for Android and iPhone

Use mobile app to review and memorize vocabularies that you saved in their context whenever convenient. You can take advantage of short idle breaks to increase your vocabulary, such as when you are waiting for/riding in bus or train, after ordering food at restaurant, or while waiting in line. In fact, it is more efficient to use several short periods than one long period when learning vocabulary.

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