MonAmi Note

MonAmi Note is a simple and robust note-taking app that runs on every platform. It follows the Markdown open standard for plain text formatting.

Open standard

MonAmi Note follows the Markdown open standard, allowing you to write notes faster and not be restricted by proprietary formats.

Robust organization

MonAmi Note supports tags, hierarchical folders and multiple books for robust organization.

Organizing notes in MonAmi Note is similar to a file system.

  • a note → a file
  • a folder → a folder
  • a book → a drive
  • a library → a computer

Hide sensitive data discreetly

Stealth folders and notes remain invisible to prying eyes until activated with a folder key. There is no visual indication that stealth folders even exist.

Intuitive user interface

MonAmi Note has a 3-pane layout: folder tree, notes list, and note content.

Pick edit mode you like

You can edit notes in three different modes:

  • Markdown: this is the fastest mode as it only uses the keyboard.
  • WYSIWYG: this mode is most comfortable for those who prefer working in typical word processing software.
  • Side-by-side: this mode is the best of both worlds, showing the above two modes in a split side-by-side window.

Search quickly as you type

With each keystroke, the search results are refreshed as you type. You can set the search boundaries to specific folder, book, or entire library.

Quick jotdown

You can quickly jot down in the journal without worrying about navigating to the correct folder location.

Web App

Run from any browser. Notes are stored on the cloud and can be accessed from any browser or computer.

Mobile App

MonAmi Note is optimized for mobile devices and runs like a mobile app (PWA).

  • To access it on a mobile device, open in a mobile browser.
  • Or click Start Now in mobile browser
  • Add page to the home screen

Desktop App

Notes are stored on your local hard disk. You can also switch to cloud mode to access cloud-stored data.

The app works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and has a consistent appearance and behavior across all platforms.

Download MonAmi Desktop

You will be downloading a trial version that is limited in terms of the maximum number of notes you can create. You can purchase a standard license from within the app for $9.99.